April Newsletter: Travel, A Free Book and More

It’s April and this month’s newsletter I do a mini recap of my trip to Mexico (finally traveling again, le sigh), share a giveaway of one of my books and other deals and steals!

Ok so I was fortunate enough to get fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and for me that was a must before I took it to the streets again. And to the streets I went, by flying to Playa del Carmen with some friends for three nights. It feels so good to be able to travel again because I’m a huge traveler. I’ve been to Cabo before so this isn’t my first venture into Mexico. If you are looking for a quick getaway, Mexico is a good option.

Mexico Trip Recap

First, about travel in these Covid times. You have to keep your mask on in the airport and plane, of course. My suggestion is to eat before getting on the plane. The airline did pass out soda/water and peanuts. They no longer serve alcohol or food at this time, at least on shorter flights (mine was slightly over 3 hours). Our plane was pretty much full so don’t expect an empty plane like several months ago. In Mexico, they encourage social distancing, masks are mandatory and in many places before you can even enter you must sanitize your hands and get your temperature checked. Our shuttle to our excursion was not so stringent which I didn’t care for. Currently they are at 60% capacity in places and I didn’t do nightlife beyond dining so I couldn’t tell you what that looked like but bars were open. Note, you will need to get a Covid test within three days of returning to the US. Some hotels incorporate that option but there are places you can go in town as well (but it’s not free).

Where to Stay

We stayed at the El Taj Oceanfront Condo Resort which was AWESOME. We got a three bedroom, 2 bath place on the top floor with a full kitchen and living area and a private terrace with a jacuzzi and grill. The resort also has a beach restaurant, two pools and jacuzzi. It was a great location to town as well so we didn’t have to get a taxi during our stay to go anywhere.

Great food options to check out:

Rockas Jamaican Kitchen for THE BEST jerk chicken outside of Jamaica.

Fusion Beach Hotel Bar and Grill for good food on the beach and live music and fire show.

Aldea Corazon for a unique outdoor garden/woods environment and good food.

To do:

If you are an excursion type, there are many to choose from here and the locals will let you know. Unlike Cabo there were a ton of people trying to sell you things and it got a bit annoying but I understood the motivation was even higher since many businesses lost money due to the pandemic. If you like excitement there is parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, visiting ruins, zip lining or go ATVing and visit a cave with underground lakes (a cenote) like Rio Secreto.

If you like to lounge, get a massage or go for drinks on the beach or by the pool. For music/DJing with your lounging go to Kool Beach Club or Reef Rooftop.

Also, check out a tequilla tasting, go shopping or dining in the La Qunita area.

Well that’s my recap. I hope the upcoming months bring us the ability for more outings and of course safety.

Books, Books, Books!

In celebration of my first book, Mystic Bonds, now being available as an audiobook on Audibles, I have made the second book in the series, Mystic Journeys, FREE from April 13-17th!

More FREE Books

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Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. Also follow me on instagram and facebook for more information.

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