September Newsletter: Big Contest, Cover Reveal and More!

Happy almost Fall. I am not excited because I’m a Summer gal but I guess its better than going straight from Summer to a six month Winter like in my Paranormal Universe books.

I’d love to communicate more with you and talk all things Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy, as well as Marvel (my obsession), anime, horror and scifi. If you haven’t joined my reader’s group, please do.

Ok, let’s get to it!


I’m slowing down a bit from writing to help my work life balance (writing is my second job) and this is a great time to get some feedback from you, dear readers, to help me write the books you want to read. So I have an under 5 minute survey I would love for you to complete! And you can enter my contest if you leave your email.

Next month is my birthday and an early celebration of me publishing my TENTH! PNR/UF book this year (more on that later). So I’m giving away the following to one lucky winner:

One Paper back from my collection (your choice)📘

One Paperback of one of my favorite authors, Ilona Andrews. 📗

Audiobook for Mystic Journeys🎧


Reading related socks🧦

Reading related wine glass/tumbler/mug🍷

Amazon Giftcard!

****For even more of a chance to win you can do the following:

1) Share on social media about my books (feel free to use the pictures below with a link to (don’t forget to tag me)

2) Leave a review of any of my books you liked reading on Amazon, Goodreads (just message me with link to the review)

3) Invite a friend to join my reader’s group mentioned above (just message me who the friend is that joined)

Here is the link to the very short survey. Click here!

I really appreciate you helping me and anytime you’d like to email/message me any feedback on my works, I’m always open to receive, positive and critiques.


Before I take a mini break, I’ve just finished writing the standalone book, Lightning and Curses. This is the start to a new series of paranormal romance books with a new heroine in each book. The first is all about Lisa, our faerie from Mystic Realms. Here is the cover and the blurb. The book will drop December 14th but if you get the ebook now, it’s only 99 cents. The price will gradually go up closer to the release date!

Here’s the link to buy!

Lisa Xu here, faerie extraordinaire, or so they tell me. I didn’t let living in a post-apocalyptic world stop me from reaching my dreams and opening up my own clothing store but it didn’t come easy. I survived numerous heartbreaks, getting almost eaten alive by various supernatural beings, and I’m an uber-reluctant member of a superhero team.

But of course, a girl can’t catch a break for long in a supernatural world. Time is running out on a promise I made to the powerful and very sexy elven king, Joo-won. If I don’t find a way to break his curse, he’ll eat me. Seriously.

With the clock running, my search is serious, but of course nothing is simple in a supernatural world. I’ve got to find the “wicked witch” who cursed Joo-won, and fight off nightmarish creatures that could be tied to a murderous ghoul, an ex-lover from Joo-won’s criminal past, or something more unknown.

This is seriously getting in the way of me building my fashion empire.

Hope I don’t get killed before I make it big.

Books, Books, and more Books!

Till next time!

Join my new reader group for beta read opportunities and even more inside information like character takeovers, Cat’s Corner: New Adult Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Group. Thanks!

Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. Also follow me on instagram and facebook for more information.

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