December Newsletter: Holiday giveaways, new release and Audio ARCS!

Happy Holidays! Hopefully the end of this year sees you well and you have a great start to 2022. Tis the season of giving so this issue is all about discounts, contests and advanced (aka free) reader copies! So let’s get to it.

I have to start with the release of my latest book, my standalone paranormal romance, Lightning and Curses. It releases TODAY and it’s still only 99 cents for the ebook until tomorrow!

And if you are looking for more bang for your buck, I’m selling my completed Soulmate Saga FOUR EBOOK BOXSET for just 99 CENTS during the week of Christmas only!

Are you an audiobook fan? If so, I’m looking for some listeners for my books, Mystic Journeys and Mystic Awakenings, who will do a review on audibles after listening! If you can listen and provide a review by end of January please email me!

Contest Giveaways

Check out these giveaways that you can enter for some amazing prizes. Click to find out more!

Book Spotlights and Fairs

Click on the links to learn about new sales and books!

Valerie Darkmore’s entire life has been building up to this moment—her initiation into the Marionettes, the prestigious league of witches sworn to serve the vampires. As one of the last remaining blood witches, her spot is almost guaranteed. At least, so she’d thought.
They hunted me down.
Six demons who believe I can cast a spell to lift a blood curse.
But I’m merely a clairvoyant who can summon the dead.
But can I handle more than one mate? And can we find a way to save our magical cafe before another spell tears us apart?

Till next time, season’s greetings!

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