March Newsletter: Cover Tease, Last of the Horror that Inspired Me and Book Spotlights

Happy Women’s History Month! This month I talk more about my writing inspiration and give you a sneak peak of my next cover.

Deathly Dreams Cover Teaser

Currently I’m going through the editing process for the sequel to Deathly Touch that I plan to release in May. Sorry, it took so long but I wasn’t even sure I was really going to do a book two. However, the feedback was unexpected, and I decided to pause my other works and give the second chapter in Evan and Jazmine’s life.

Here’s a brief and very rough draft summary of Deathly Dreams, Paranormal Rising Book 2:

Evan’s return after six months comes with a dark secret he won’t share, but he isn’t the only one withholding deadly information. With nightmares causing many in her town, including her, injuries and eventual death in the real world, Jazmine must race to find out who is behind their possible curse before time runs out. But can the pair work out their ever-growing problems to find a solution in time?

Here’s a very teaser cover reveal. I’ll be sharing it next month along with an ARC reader request!

Horror Movies that Inspired My Writing

The Ruins- This is a creepy one and left me very respectful of Mexican ruins and plant life. The main takeaway was the killer plant life and if you’ve read Mystic Bonds and Mystic Journeys you will recall how plant life is anything but harmless in that world.

Cabin in the Woods- This is just a fun one where once again there are a cast of characters fighting off evil much like in my books. Except I hope my folks are smarter.

The Thing- One of my favorite horror/sci fi films of all time after Aliens. I love this one because of the group of personalities and not knowing if your colleague is a monster. That theme plays heavily in Mystic Awakenings and Mystic Souls.

Aliens- Ripley is all of the things. I even quote one of her lines from this movie in one of my books. I love a bad-ass heroine. If you are looking for someone who is no nonsense from the start, check out Fran from the Paranormal Times series (Mystic Memories and Dark Hauntings).

Book Spotlights

Get ready for a daring adventure romance with paranormal magic and creatures based on the mythology of the four elements, earth, wind, fire, and water.

This paranormal/fantasy romance starts off as a slow burn Reverse Harem.

Fall under the spell of these outstanding USA TODAY and Bestselling authors as they spin unforgettable tales of witches, demons, dragons, shifters, and more.

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