June Newsletter: New Projects

Summer is my favorite season. Yes, it can be unbearably hot at times, but I love the long days and summer fashion. It also is a time to take breaks. This is what I’m doing with my Paranormal World Universe books. But not forever.

Right now, I am going a different route. Spicy paranormal romance. I even have a new author name, Liz Cooper. I’m on Facebook and IG and please give me a follow if you want to learn about upcoming books under this pen name. I’m currently working on edits for the first book under this series and the cover should be ready for unveiling next month.



The title is Love and Bonds and it’s a reverse harem, omegaverse book and here’s the draft summary:


I’m faced with four gorgeous men, handpicked by my late father to be my alpha mates.

Sounds great, right?

Only one problem, they’re a pack with questionable pasts.

There’s Kai, the crazy incubus demon with all the sex appeal. Ty, the sweet but morose vampire. Lance, the unfriendly but captivating were-wolf. And their leader, Daniel, the cocky but dangerously handsome fae.

Seriously, dad, what were you thinking?

I spent my whole life using witch magic to stop the change to omega from happening, but when my father dies, my spells dry up and my heat is coming. Fast. I refuse to be a weak omega who gets abused by an arrogant alpha. I plan to find my own guy who will be my equal.

However, when I’m forced to fight off increasing attacks from demonic forces, I find myself having to rely on the very men I fear to help find out who’s behind the attacks and stop them.

And, as if I didn’t have enough stress, I’m running out of time to make a decision on the alphas. I definitely don’t want my quickly approaching omega heat making the tough call for me.

They seem kind of sweet but they could also be behind these attacks to push me towards them.

Sigh, what’s a gal to do?

18+ Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance. Warning: Violence and LOTS of Smexy Time. 


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The undesired monsters are making a comeback.

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