August Newsletter: Help Me and Win!

Hey readers, if you’ve peeped my last couple of newsletters you know that I have a new book coming out September 20th under my pen name Liz E. Cooper. It’s a spicy paranormal romance and I need your help!

I’m looking for ARC readers, to read and review my work on Amazon so please email me if you would like a copy for review.

I’m also looking for a hype team to help me promote this book (and/or another of my books) via social media and reader groups. You can be both a reviewer and a hype person. I’ll also start you off by sending some teasers and graphics so it’ll be as painless as possible. ***But I won’t have you hype for nothing! If you join up, I’ll send you an ebook from my collection AND the most successful hyper will WIN TWO PAPERBACK copies of my books of their choice AND an AMAZON GIFTCARD along with some other swag.***

And here’s a teaser from Love and Bonds:

Lance’s lycan form shifted back to human, but he still had the golden eyes. He moved against me again, burying his nose in my neck. “Mine,” he growled, still purring. His hand moved to my waist, then moved it over my stomach, inching down until he was almost at my center.

I grabbed his hand, looking around the garage. What in the hell was he doing? Was he actually going to grab me out in public like this? “Uh, sir, I think you need to settle down.”

“Mine,” he growled again before licking my neck and kissing it.

My eyes fluttered, but I tried to maintain some sort of sanity. We were in public, and there was a damaged car in the middle of the driving path. The demon bodies, thankfully, had all vanished after death as they tended to do. Still, none of that mattered because his mouth on my skin felt like warm silk, tickling every nerve in my body.

I needed to move, but I really didn’t want to go anywhere. I wanted him to bend me over the hood of my car and have his way with me. My legs needed to move, but they were made of cement now.

“We need to move the car and get inside. And you need to maybe take a cold shower.” I did too, but I wouldn’t say that out loud.

Love and Bonds is still just 99cents until release day!


Book Spotlights

This steamy shifter romance contains elements of fantasy, action and adventure and power exchange.
FREE! Blood Bond is a 20k prequel novella for the Shade and Shadow vampire romance series launching in 2022 from HB Jacks.  It’s a full story with no cliffhanger!  Just plenty of steamy vampy fun and a taster of what awaits…
Don’t miss this wild, steamy ride with a badass heroine and her hot three shifters!


Join my new reader group for beta read opportunities and even more inside information like character takeovers, Cat’s Corner: New Adult Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Group. Thanks!

Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. Also follow me on TikTokinstagram and facebook for more information.

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