October Newsletter: Release Day, Teasers and Book Deals!

Hey readers, this month’s newsletter is jam packed with book deals and teasers because my limited edition vampire anthology, Eternal Bite, releases October 20th! To help kick off the release, the authors and I are having a Virtual Party. We’re playing games and giving out cool prizes. It’s open now until October 27th. Join so you don’t miss out! I’ll be doing an author takeover at 8:30pm on October 20th! I’ll also be doing a takeover from 7-8pm over at Beth Rosalee’s Carnal Readers that same day so don’t forget to visit then (yep, I’ll be busy, and it’s my birthday, did I forget to mention?).

While I’m awaiting my cover for Eternal Bite, I thought I’d still offer a snippet from the book. This is my first venture into paranormal romance and I think I like it!

Deathly Touch Snippet

She looked at him, his face scrunched in pain and covered in sweat. She could help, and he hadn’t died by her touch. Maybe it was time for her to finally help someone instead of hiding away.

She pushed her wrist in front of his face. “Drink.”

His frown deepened as he looked at her hand. “No.”

She withdrew her hand and looked up at the night sky. Why was he being so difficult? “Aren’t you dying? Do you really need to be so picky? My blood isn’t poison.” At least she didn’t think it was. God, she hoped it wasn’t. She wouldn’t be able to survive killing another innocent person.

The man hung his head on his chest as if it were too heavy to lift up. “I don’t want to hurt you. An animal works just fine.”

Jazmine placed her hands on her hips. “Do I look like I hunt animals for a living? You’ll be dead by the time I find a rabbit. I can ask someone here to help, but I don’t know if they have blood on them. You’ll have to wait until the medical teams start showing up to heal the injured. I don’t have that kind of power.”

He looked up at her, head still lowered. “What type of power do you have?”

“Don’t worry about that. Let me help you.” She shoved her wrist back in front of his face. He was already looking paler. Why was he being so stubborn?

He looked it over as if inspecting it. He gingerly touched her arm before bringing it to his lips. The feel of his soft skin on hers sent a slight shock to her core she didn’t expect.

And then he opened his mouth, exposing two very long incisors.

She stiffened and wondered whether she should step away. What if he bit her arm off or didn’t stop sucking her blood, draining her dry? Nope, this was a dumb idea.

She was just about to move her arm back when she caught his eyes looking up at hers. He looked unsure of himself as if he really was afraid of hurting her. But there was something more in his face.

Sadness? Something in her heart softened. She knew about sadness. That kindred feeling pushed her to nod at him.

He lowered his eyes and bit into her arm.

And it hurt. Well, she knew it could. She’d heard tales of a vampire bite being pleasurable, but this was not it. It felt like she was being stuck by two large needles. Her knees weakened, and she cursed herself for not sitting down first. You’re a big girl, Jaz. Keep it together. And if he goes too far, stab him with the knife hanging out of his pocket.

She remained strong as the man drank from her, making quiet, sucking sounds as he gently grasped her arm. The act felt so intimate. She didn’t even know this guy’s name. Should she have gotten it first? Would that really have mattered?

She swayed slightly and suddenly realized that the pain from his biting had disappeared and was now replaced with a pleasant tingling quickly spreading throughout her body. It felt a little inappropriate to feel this way in public. An uncontrollable shiver swept over her, and her eyes fluttered closed for a brief moment as she felt the wave of pleasure pass through her. Every part of her hummed from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. She felt like she would explode right there and then. So embarrassing. And so good.

Mystic Bonds Second Edition

As you may recall, I’m re-releasing Mystic Bonds in November with revisions and new scenes! While it’s currently undergoing the final touches, I’m looking for some readers who will review the revised book in exchange for an honest review on Amazon. Contact me if you’re interested and look out for next month for a celebration for the second edition including the cover release of Mystic Souls, the conclusion to the series coming out this winter!

Here’s a teaser of the cover until then!

Book Deals and Spotlights!

Click the pictures for more details on these Halloween themed book sales and releases!

Book Spotlights!

Even more Books to wait your spooky appetite with a dash of romance of course!

Another scary box set to keep you plenty fed!
This cover is so gorgeous! I’m already intrigued

Till next time and as always, if you’ve read my books I am always appreciative of a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I read them and they help me grow as a writer and know my audience better. Also follow me on instagram and facebook for more information and join my new reader group for beta read opportunities and even more giveaways, Cat’s Corner: New Adult Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Group. Thanks!

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