That’s it…I’m moving to London

Because apparently that is where my musical taste lies. I have images of me bar hopping to hear local talent and djs spinning my favorite jams (I only got a taste of this when I studied there in law school so me want more). We know the major ones (Brand New Heavies, Adele, Amy Whinehouse etc). In fact it’s so popular wikapedia has a section on this called British Soul. Anywho here are my favorite UK artist at the moment, whose coming with me?

Sam Smith- Yes, I know all red heads don’t necessarily have soul, but between him and Ed Sheeran, I mights dye my hair. Here is the song I loves. And I shall get married to this song…maybe.
Stay With Me-
Here’s the song you’ve heard on the radio that might make you familiar with him.
La La La-

Emelie Sand- Nothing she sings sucks to me. Loved her since I heard her sing in the London Olympics (Wonder- I can’t say which one I love the most so lets pick one you might know.
Next to Me-

Ed Sheeran- his previous album was a bit folksy which I am fine with but I kinda like the soul of this new one. Sing-

Jetta- I am just learning about her. Great voice. And my new hair crush (like seriously love the hair). Feels Like Coming Home-

Ellie Golding- You know her hit, Burn- But my favorite is Lights-

John Newman- great song for me to workout to. Love Me Again-

Just a few that I like.


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