Get Cute Theme Music

So I’m a girlie girl at heart. So when this gal gets a chance to go out at night, well that’s the time I put my armature make up artist/you tube watching skills to use. The other night I was glamming it up with the Beyonce and Jay-Z On The Run concert showing on HBO. I stopped to dance. Broke a sweat and got tried and had to take a seat. As I was sitting down catching my breath and fighting the distinct feeling that I was getting out of shape, I realized that there is something to having music playing to get one ready for a night out.

And who better to take a girl from chill to glam than Ms. B. Now my glam songs will change over time based on the top 40 but this is my top 10 songs list over the years that get me thinking I should be on the cover of a magazine.

  1. Anything Beyonce really. It’s totally ridiculous. The woman knows how to put out divalicous hits. And if you don’t think listening to Flawless will help you get that smoky eye look going, just give it a try. You will also dance while you do it so keep the fan going so you don’t break a sweat.
  2. Pussycat Dolls- Dontcha. – Put on your tight get ’em girl dress (and your spanx if you have to, nuthin wrong with that) and dare yourself not to feel fabulous when getting ready in this song.
  3. Anything by Jennifer Lopez. Like Beyonce she’s a queen diva who knows how to make a girlie dance hit (how have they not done a song together?)Get Right is one of my favorites and I will bob my head while flat ironing my hair (then burning myself because I was moving while doing my hair).
  4. Envogue- anything. First there were The Supremes then Envogue. If you were ever looking for a 90s female singing group who knew how to throw glam while hitting a high note, they sure did. And if you don’t feel like you about to show off listening to “Hold On” I can only shake my head. The song is like twenty years old and I still can rock to that while putting on my blush.
  5. Mary J Blidge- I’m Fine. This song gets you pumped to put on a heel and strut in the mirror, drop it down low, then have a seat because you know you are too old to be dropping anything and now your knees hurt.
  6. Lady Marmelade – remake version
  7. Britney Spears- Work B*&%!. Mmkay, so this is my workout song. It speaks to me on a real, girl you better get that waist snatched because you got a form fitting dress to put on.
  8. Lady Marmalade- remix with Christina Aguilera n dem. Love it, love it. This is a song you and your friends can glam it up to before heading out and jack up the Lil Kim rap part before taking the group selfie.
  9. Madonna- Vogue. I shouldn’t have to explain this one. This is the girl work it anthem of the 90s. Strike a pose. That’s what you’ll be doing in the mirror when you’re all done up.
  10. Janet Jackson -If. I can’t think of this song without thinking of the video and that sick choreography. I still try to do it to this day. The song was sexy and a great workout. Yet another song to take a selfie to before you hit the streets.

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