Free 2 Live December Issue

Hey Folks, It’s December. October and November were a busy time for me. It was my birthday and I celebrated in Vegas, baby!

This months Feature will be about outside the box gifts. In Beauty, I’ll highlight my new favorite makeup, and in Food and Drink, I’ll discuss the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas.


What do you get a person who might appreciate something more alternative for the holidays? Here are a few suggestions:

The Beauty
Face mask DIY- You can buy the powders or put them together yourself along with the mixes (like honey) with recipes that treat differing skin conditions. This is the perfect gift for the spa and beauty person who likes to create products just for themselves.

powder mask
The Reader
Audible subscription-  In this day and age of multitaskers, hearing a book while you cook, workout, drive or take a bath can be a great alternative for your avid reader. Each month the reader gets credit for a book and even if they don’t pick a book that month it racks up for the next month. Also nice, if you download a book and don’t like it, you can send it back and get another one instead, no charge. 
The Spa Goer
Oil Diffuser– For the person who wants a full spa like feel at home (or work), an oil diffuser. It can relive tension and work as a humidifier.

The Sophisticate
Unique cocktail mix/kit- For the cocktail snob who likes to experiment this is a fun gift.


TV addict
Get a  T-shirt especially made for her of her favorite show. It’s personable and fun!


This month’s beauty obsession is NYX Lid Lingerie eyeshadows. They come in shimmer and matte colors and are only $7 a pop. They are also quick to put on, last pretty long even without a primer, and show up very well even on brown skin. I want them all!
lid lingerie

Food and Drink

So I started this by saying I was in Vegas for my birthday. I thought about doing a recap (well of the things I can share) but honestly, Vegas is one of those places where you can make it your own. However, if you are looking for nightlife that’s a bit low key but still glitzy, check out the bars in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  The Chandelier Bar is gorgeous, the Vesper Bar has great drinks and friendly bartenders, and I dug the music at Clique Bar and Lounge.
chandalier bar

If you haven’t checked it out lately, take a look at my new project :  Free 2 Live. Free 2 Live Group is a site focused on the active 30 and up who lives life beyond expectations.

Finally if you haven’t checked out my ebook The Mission, it’s on sale on  Amazon!

Stay tuned for next month’s letter!

Thanks again for your support and please spread the word!

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