SATC Talk: Anchors Away: Dating Yourself

So we start Season 5 with Carrie single after her final break up with Aiden and Mr. Big leaving NYC. She decides to take a step back from men and focus on her. I’ve written about this idea before, taking a break from focusing on dating to enjoy other parts of life. When society tells us that we should be only focusing on finding a mate and hurrying up to have kids, the whole world of dating can be quite overwhelming. It can also become depressing if we aren’t reaching our romantic goals.

But when dating stops being fun because we have waded through so much muck then taking a step back and changing our perspective is always ideal.


So it was actually this episode that gave me the idea of going out alone and taking myself places. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great date, but there is something empowering about living life and carrying on even without a mate. In this episode Carrie goes to the museum, the movies, out to eat and turns down a guy because she’s just doing her own thing.

For the solo beginners here are some good date yourself ideas that get you in tune with yourself:

1) Go to the museum- preferably one that caters to something of interest to you. I actually prefer going to the museum alone. If I’m on a date I’m not really emerged into the art and you have to go at the pace of the other person which can be boring if they are slower at appreciating the art than you.

2) Go out to eat- Now if I do this, I’m going to the bar. I haven’t gotten the courage to eat at a table by myself. Going early if you feel awkward about it might be easiest as well.

3)Go to the movies- This I’ve come to do without a problem, particularly an early matinee. I had a friend who was bold enough to do this on a weekend night. I’m not quite there yet…

4)Go to a festival/fair- I’ve done this. Again, it can be a fun stroll around the sites and you get to go at your own pace.

5)Got to a small concert or a play- I had a friend who went to a concert at a large arena and had a great time. For a beginner a smaller venue might be an easier option

I’m sure there are many other date yourself activities to try. Don’t let being single scare you away from living your life and if you are taking a needed break from dating to regroup from a broken heart sometimes going out on your own can be healing. Any other ideas of good date yourself things to do?

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